Principles of good #ergonomics and #humanfactors can influence how end users behave. Healthcare organizations have had to pivot recently to improve Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) use among team members AND visitors. These posters are copyright free and can be used/modified by your in-house design team to visually walk users through the steps needed to safely put on or take off required #PPE. While these posters are framed in a hospital setting, any industry is welcome to take the iconography, message, and steps. Brand with your own colors and logo and share a pic of your end result at #exponentEHF!

Click on poster links below:


ED-Amb Sign_Large 11×17-ExponentEHF

ED-Amb Sign_Small w 7×5.5

Inpatient_Large 11×17-Exponent-EHF

Inpatient_Small ai 6.8×11-Exponent-EHF

You can also contact us directly at [email protected] for vector based files.