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  • EHS team needed a consistent and approved vendor driven directory of products to reference during office ergonomics evaluations

  • EHS needed impartial information on risk reducing potential for all products listed

An office ergonomics product directory was created using specific vendors already in system with prioritization for best discount/pricing.


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  • A product list was compiled in a spreadsheet format that listed the product, potential appropriate recommendation circumstances, discount schedule, product number unique to vendor, and final cost to department

  • The list includes multiple approved vendors and covers both common and specialty/accommodation products such as chairs, monitor arms, monitors, input devices, glare screens, desks, footrests, document holders, headsets and more

  • The list is available only to the EHS/Ergo evaluation team and is updated bi-annually to ensure accuracy in availability and pricing


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  • A 200+ line product list from existing approved vendors – including Staples™ and Corporate Express ™ – that shows the greatest available negotiated discount for products commonly recommended in office ergonomics evaluations

  • A living reference that reduces research time for EHS/Ergo evaluation teams

  • Impartial summary of products and their appropriate use to inform EHS teams

  • Transparent pricing for departments to consider in response to evaluation recommendations