Utah based nonprofit Make Salt Lake is streamlining processes for individuals assisting with the home production of face masks and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Providing tools like acrylic rulers or patterns is good #ergonomics for individuals. The rulers will allow users to precisely cut more fabric at a time, reducing repetitive stress to the hands of those newly tasking themselves with taking on a new workload. You can purchase a 3 pack of rulers that include sizing for Adult and Youth, Medium and Large sizes. The kit also includes a .pdf copy of the corresponding pattern, and access to step-by-step instructions with photos for sewing/assembly. 100% of profits go back to Make Salt Lake to go into 3D printing of PPE.

Click HERE  to purchase acrylic mask rulers

The organization is also offering 3D printer files and instructions for producing face shields. Local manufacturers can safely drop printed pieces for assembly at one of two drop-off locations. The Face Shield is a 3-part design. It consists of a 3D printed headband, a 3D printed reinforcement piece, and a laser cut face shield. Printer files and a Sanitation Checklist are all available for public use and available HERE.

In order to continue to supply FREE PPE for our front-line workers, Make Sale Lake is accepting the following material donations and can be emailed directly at [email protected].

  • PETG & PLA 3D printer filament
  • PETG clear flexible plastic sheets
  • PVC clear flexible sheets
  • Polyester and cotton fabrics
  • Elastic – 1/2” or 3/4”

Reach out to us at #exponentehf to chat with an expert about setting up your home sewing/assembly stations to avoid injury and discomfort!

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