The Women in Safety Excellence (WISE) community recognized Exponent EHF’s Director of Consulting Services, Rachel Michael.

Here’s what they had to say about our Director:

“Rachel is a champion for Ergonomics and safety at all levels. She supports emerging professionals with one-on-one mentoring as they navigate the considered journey of becoming an Ergonomics specialist or safety professional in general. Rachel also volunteers time and energy with safety, Ergonomics, and STEM initiatives for adults and younger generations.

Rachel is passionate about bringing safety and its specialized field of Ergonomics to a younger audience through tutoring a biomechanics day as part of a local high school physics class, by bringing ergo gadgets to middle school career days, and by volunteering as a STEM mentor and pen-pal for disadvantaged middle school classrooms.

From a WISE perspective, Rachel’s work with younger generations of future safety professionals give WISE members an opportunity to engage and support the safety leaders of tomorrow: a gift to, and investment in our safety professionals of tomorrow!”

We agree! Congratulations, Rachel!

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